GOOD DAY FARM has created a limited release product collaboration with 40 Tons to support social justice reform. Choose between two special options within the collection:

This vape pen was chosen with THE ADVOCATE in mind. This uplifting, energizing vape cartridge is great for people on a mission. The citrus, floral, and diesel flavors are known to inspire creativity and talkative energy—perfect for going out and advocating for the bold and powerful message behind the product.

This vape pen was inspired by THE LEGACY of the mission of 40 Tons. This calming and relaxing vape cartridge is great for unwinding and chilling after a long day. The berry and diesel flavors and aromas are known to help with rest and relaxation—perfect for centering yourself.


40 Tons is a Black, woman-owned cannabis, clothing, and accessory brand from Los Angeles. It launched in 2020 as an homage to Corvain Cooper and the other 40,000+ prisoners that are currently in prison for unjust cannabis sentences. 40 Tons fights for restorative justice, reduced sentencing, cannabis legalization, and rehabilitation to uplift former prisoners as they rejoin society and build full, happy lives.